mauro lipparini's masterpiece, the carlino dining table, mesmerizes with its eye-catching design, where impeccable craftsmanship meets unique metal legs. the table's round or elliptical top, specially prepared, adds to its allure, offering a wide range of materials, from smoked and bronze glass to luxurious marble.

carlino is a true delight, infusing warmth and charm into its surroundings with an extensive selection of tabletop options. from smoked and bronze glass to exotic coatings, from rich lacquer colors to the timeless elegance of marble, carlino embraces versatility and sophistication.

elevate your dining space with the artistry of carlino, where mauro lipparini's vision comes to life, fusing form and function in a harmonious symphony of design. let the carlino dining table become the centerpiece of your dining experience, exuding elegance and inviting you to savor moments of togetherness in style.

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