the albarella sofa collection consists of geometric forms that stand out with their sharp and clear lines. while this well-equipped sofa system is admired for its aesthetic perfection and symmetry, it offers a wide range of options for sophisticated customers who know what they are looking for. the armrests of the modular sofa, together with the shelf and storage elements; can integrate completely flexibly and independently with the seating area, back cushions, and movable throw pillows. in this way, it is possible to create various symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions, both in straight lines and at an angle. the shelves of the sofa are quite suitable for the placement of both aesthetic and daily objects in terms of volume.

albarella's strong body is made of solid materials expertly processed. from its lightweight metal legs to its optional integrated shelves, every part of it is both extremely useful and impeccably durable. the albarella collection, which consists of countless flexible modules that integrate with its accessories, gives homeowners the opportunity to organize their furniture in surprising yet balanced harmony.

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