introducing the belfiore relax chair, a harmonious fusion of comfort and contemporary aesthetics. its robust fiberglass shell structure forms the foundation of ergonomic bliss, inviting you to sink into relaxation. this versatile chair offers two exquisite options: a luxurious leather cover or a sleek lacquered finish, both designed to elevate your seating experience.

adorned with a low back structure, belfiore exudes a modern allure that complements any space with effortless grace. its architecturally crafted metal legs, available with brass, copper, or titanium tips, add a touch of sophistication and ensure stability.the belfiore family of relax chairs offers a range of choices to suit your preferences. discover different back heights and leg options, allowing you to customize this club chair to perfectly align with your unique style. for added convenience, swivel metal, solid walnut, oak, or lacquered leg options are also available, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in design.

with the belfiore club chair, you unlock a world of comfort and contemporary elegance, where impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful design harmonize to create an inviting sanctuary within your living space.

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