the geometric identity of tavolara is brought to life by its eye-catching sculptural shell legs, presenting a striking contrast. crafted from curved plates, these legs exude a sense of volume and artistry. the half-cylinder form, gracefully curved on both sides, evokes a feeling of purity and elegance, accentuating the table's modern and impressive character.

a surprising interplay of light and shadow is created by the concave and convex turns of the legs, enhancing the table's simplistic yet captivating appeal. tavolara stands as a testament to the art of design, where form and function blend seamlessly, resulting in a truly exceptional and artistic dining table.

immerse yourself in the allure of tavolara, where every meal becomes a work of art. let this sculptural masterpiece grace your dining space, infusing it with a sense of sophistication and contemporary charm that leaves a lasting impression on all who gather around it.

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