design : g. carollo

inspired by “willy wonka and the chocolate factory", the unique stained glass design of oompa loompa goes beyond being a mere reference to the characters; it transforms light and surrounding spaces into a captivating stage.

oompa loompa becomes a whimsical escape from reality, encouraging us to indulge our imagination and venture into the realm of fantasy. the suspension version, available in three sizes, and the floor lamp exude their style through bold-colored glass in bronze and aquamarine blue. the faceted lighting allows for playful interactions with light, sparking a sense of wonder and inviting our imagination to take flight.

with oompa-loompa, the magic of storytelling and the enchanting world of willy wonka merge with the artistry of design, creating a captivating and imaginative lighting experience. it is an ode to the power of imagination, reminding us that when we allow ourselves to dream, extraordinary possibilities await us in the world of design and beyond.

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