designed by mauro lipparini, the ravello table showcases a perfect blend of lightness and strength with its elegant metal legs. specially produced wooden panels, enriched with bronze, copper, and titanium colors, accompany these sturdy legs, creating a captivating visual effect.

versatile and adaptable, the metal legs can be used as double or triple supports, making them suitable for tables of various sizes, including large conference tables. the ravello table boasts a detailed visuality, exuding an architectural charm with its unique composition of separate pieces.
with a wide array of options, ravello allows for personalization with exotic woods, oak, walnut, and a variety of lacquer colors. from small dining tables to grand conference tables, ravello caters to diverse preferences and spaces, making a bold statement wherever it graces.

elevate your dining or meeting experience with the allure of ravello, where design excellence and craftsmanship merge to create a masterpiece that captivates with its versatility and artistry.

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