design : s. bigi

introducing the iconic dining table designed by stefano bigi, a testament to visionary design. the base showcases meticulous craftsmanship, crafted from solid canaletta walnut or ash, gracefully fixed on a metal ring for a striking contrast. topping the table is a sophisticated tempered glass surface, adding a touch of contemporary elegance.

the table offers a range of exquisite top options, including smoked wood and luxurious marble, each providing a distinct character to match your style and preferences. the metal base options, such as chrome-plated, grey pewter, black chromed, brushed brass, and brushed matt black, further enhance the design, allowing for a personalized touch.

with round, oval, elliptical, and rectangular top options available, this dining table effortlessly adapts to various dining spaces. its versatility extends up to an impressive size of 350 x 150 cm, making it suitable for grand gatherings and intimate meals alike.

embrace the beauty and functionality of this remarkable creation by s. bigi, where design ingenuity meets artistic expression. let this iconic table become the centerpiece of your dining area, commanding attention and admiration, making every meal a memorable and stylish affair.

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