introducing gamen, a versatile sectional screen designed to elevate spaces with its unique and innovative design. gamen is composed of two or more alternating curved modules, elegantly crafted with aluminum drawn bar profiles and covered in exquisite canaletta walnut.

the metal frame of gamen is finished in a sleek grey pewter, adding a touch of modern sophistication to the overall aesthetic. with adjustable feet, this sectional screen effortlessly adapts to various surfaces and spaces, ensuring a perfect fit wherever it's placed.

what sets gamen apart is its flexibility and adaptability. the hinged modules can be easily rearranged, allowing for endless configurations to suit your specific needs and preferences. whether used as a stylish room divider or to create private spaces within a larger area, gamen adds a sense of elegance and functionality to any setting. embrace the beauty of gamen as it adds a touch of artistic flair and functionality to your interior design.

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