designed with meticulous woodwork, the adria chair showcases a unique blend of oval and straight lines, creating a slender yet strong appearance. the chair's elegant bow-shaped back and armrests are gracefully embraced by its slender and eye-pleasing feet, resulting in a remarkable and eye-catching design.

perfectly suited to surround your dining table, adria exudes a romantic atmosphere with its simple yet sophisticated look and attention to detail. crafted from solid wood, the chair is available in a variety of stunning stains, including palissandro, smoked, carbon, and walnut, adding to its versatility and charm.

with its exceptional design and meticulous craftsmanship, adria is not only a functional seating option but also a beautiful piece of furniture that will elevate the ambiance of any dining space. its combination of elegant lines and high-quality materials ensures that adria will stand the test of time, bringing both style and comfort to modern dining areas.

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