giuseppe viganò's creation, roxanne, brings together modular design, a micaceous structure, and shelves in glass or wood. just like the iconic british band, the police, evokes poignant and passionate melodies, roxanne is a testament to viganò's attention to microscopic details in crafting this remarkable piece of furniture. from composition to balance, and the artful juxtaposition of materials, roxanne strikes a unique chord that defies expectations, much like an unexpected hit song.

the name roxanne, just like the police's famous tango, resonates with the artistry needed to compose such a standout piece of furniture. the design is a seamless blend of contrasting elements, capturing the essence of balance and composure. much like a musical riff that captivates listeners, roxanne captivates with its masterful composition and arresting aesthetics.

in roxanne, giuseppe viganò has created a work of art that defies conventional notions of furniture design. like a classic hit song, this bookcase commands attention and leaves a lasting impression, showcasing the unique vision of its creator and the harmony that emerges from the convergence of diverse elements.

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