ziggy baldacchino

design : c. ballabio
ziggy baldacchino

introducing ziggy baldacchino, an exquisite canopied bed that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. crafted with a solid frame in either canaletta walnut or ash, ziggy baldacchino offers a luxurious sanctuary for peaceful slumber.

the beauty of ziggy baldacchino lies in its customizable design, allowing you to select different fabrics for various upholstered parts, including the frontal headboard, back headboard, piping, buttons, and bed base insert. this unique feature allows you to tailor the bed's appearance to your personal taste and interior decor, creating a truly personalized and inviting space.

with its beautifully lines and intricate details, ziggy baldacchino makes a striking focal point in any bedroom. it combines exceptional craftsmanship with the freedom to express your individual style, making it a true masterpiece that enhances both comfort and aesthetics in your private oasis. experience the allure of ziggy baldacchino and indulge in the perfect balance of beauty and relaxation for a truly restful retreat.

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