ziggy night

design : c. ballabio
ziggy night

introducing ziggy night, a stunning night group designed to elevate your bedroom with its modern and versatile features. the frame of ziggy night is expertly crafted from solid canaletta walnut or ash, showcasing the natural beauty and grain patterns of the wood.

you have the freedom to choose from various top options, including a wooden top, marble top, or frosted backcoated glass top. each option adds a unique touch to the night group, allowing you to customize it according to your personal style and preferences.

with ziggy night, flexibility is key. you can select from different sizes to perfectly fit your bedroom space, ensuring that the night group seamlessly integrates into your existing decor and layout.

experience the perfect blend of contemporary design and practicality with ziggy night. this exquisite night group will not only enhance your bedroom's aesthetics but also provide you with functional and elegant bedside storage solutions.

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