the tirreno dining table masterfully reinterprets the historical column and floor relationship, infusing it with a modern touch. the legs are available in block marble, exuding elegance and solidity, as well as lightweight and durable fiberglass options, providing versatility. for the top, you have the choice of lacquer or various natural wood veneers, adding to the table's allure.

highlighting the pure design of tirreno, the myriad combinations of accent feet and tabletop options offer a personalized look that reflects your unique lifestyle. whether you prefer the classic charm of marble or the contemporary appeal of fiberglass, or the rich warmth of wood, tirreno allows you to curate a table that truly embodies your style and taste.

embrace the beauty of tirreno, where the past meets the present in a harmonious symphony of design. let this exquisite dining table become the centerpiece of your dining space, where artistry and functionality converge, creating a captivating setting for memorable gatherings and shared moments.

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