positano's exceptional design and versatility have earned it recognition and acclaim in the world of interior design. the sofa collection was honored with the prestigious "best of the year" award by interior design magazine in 2015. this esteemed accolade further underscores the remarkable craftsmanship, innovative modularity, and timeless elegance that positano brings to contemporary living spaces.

the positano sofa collection, designed by mauro lipparini, offers extraordinary modularity and flexibility, providing countless decoration options. with its various elements, including flat or corner sets, symmetrical or asymmetrical sofa groups, and high or low armrest alternatives, positano allows for versatile seating arrangements to suit your preferences.

its rounded lines and multi-layered platforms contribute to its unique and visually appealing design, exuding sophistication and simplicity in perfect harmony. the seat cushions and backrests can be easily moved around the natural wooden body, enabling you to create inviting and comfortable sitting areas tailored to your desires.

positano's thoughtful design extends to a rear shelf that can be integrated with the body, offering additional personalization opportunities. you can choose from natural leather or metal details from the collection to enhance your living space with a touch of luxurious elegance.

overall, positano is an award-winning sofa collection that not only provides exceptional comfort but also allows you to explore limitless possibilities in arranging your living space to create a cozy and stylish ambiance.

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