nelson, a creation by m. manzoni & r.tapinassi, defies conventional design norms with its bold and innovative approach. the table's uniqueness lies in its freedom to experiment, breaking away from rigid concepts and exploring new possibilities.

intriguingly, nelson features open spaces, a characteristic not commonly associated with tables. the structure of the table is ingeniously held together by a metal frame, while the tops, crafted from wood and vegetable-tanned leonardo leather, come together to form dramatic and irregular geometric shapes.

the use of vegetable-tanned leonardo leather, a material with strong ties to tuscan tradition, adds depth and visual interest to the table, creating a captivating color play. nelson's design is a testament to the designers' willingness to push boundaries and create something truly distinctive.

by challenging conventional norms, nelson represents the essence of design freedom, where experimentation leads to exciting and unexpected outcomes. this table invites us to embrace innovation, celebrating the spirit of exploration that defines great design.

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