the merola coffee table, designed by m. lipparini, beautifully exemplifies the essence of minimalism with its motto of "less is more." the table features a top that gracefully rises from the base and seamlessly integrates with the metal finish, available in brass, copper, titanium, or anthracite bronze. this design approach highlights the elegance of simplicity, creating a striking and refined coffee table for your living space.

one of the remarkable features of the merola coffee table is its versatility in form and material options for both the foot and top plate. this allows you the opportunity to personalize the table and participate in the design process, ensuring it perfectly complements your unique style and preferences.

the base of the coffee table can be finished in lacquer or adorned with block black or white marble, adding a touch of sophistication to the design. the tops are available in a variety of options, including lacquers, woods, and marbles from the collection, providing even more opportunities for customization.

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