epsilon, the exquisite dining table designed by manzoni & tapinassi, is a true convergence of architecture and interior design, resulting in a captivating and exhilarating creation. the sturdy and tall base embodies both form and function, while the top showcases a harmonious interplay of metal and wood, achieved through meticulous carving and cutting, following the configuration of the base.

materials play a vital role, showcasing the possibilities of mocha oak or sucupira finish juxtaposed with the striking micaceous brown, oxy grey, brass, or titanium in the metal insert. the combination results in an object exuding a strong and dynamic personality, brimming with individual style, where two worlds unite to form a unique and evocative masterpiece.

epsilon stands as a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration, proving that when different schools of thought merge, magic happens. let this exceptional dining table become the centerpiece of your space, where the seamless blend of architecture and interior design creates an inviting ambiance, brimming with elegance and allure.

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