introducing emily by m. manzoni & r. tapinassi, a chair characterized by its geometric and contemporary style. the rigorous design plays with clean lines, creating an eye-catching piece that effortlessly blends functionality and sophistication. the choice of materials for the coverings adds versatility and a touch of luxury to this stunning chair.

emily's structure ensures comfort and support, with a wide seat and thoughtfully positioned lower back. the chair's seamless continuity brings both functionality and style to any space it graces. with the option to choose traditional tuscan vegetable-tanned leather, emily offers a timeless elegance that complements its modern design.

experience the beauty of emily, where precision meets comfort, and aesthetics merge with practicality. whether in a contemporary or classic setting, emily's charm and versatility make it a standout addition to any interior, showcasing the mastery of its designers and leaving a lasting impression on those who experience its embrace.

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