cucu, designed by t. colzani, is a remarkable side table that effortlessly marries elegance with practicality. the table features a beautifully crafted removable tray made from canaletta walnut, known for its rich and inviting hues. this walnut tray sits atop a sleek metal frame, available in two captivating finishes: brushed bronzed steel or black nickel. the combination of the warm wood and the refined metal creates a harmonious and visually striking piece.

the removable tray of cucu serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. its versatility allows for easy transportation of drinks, snacks, or other items, making it an ideal companion for social gatherings or cozy moments at home. moreover, the tray's organic texture and sophisticated design add a touch of sophistication to any interior. whether used as a side table in the living room, bedroom, or study, cucu's timeless design complements a wide range of decor styles.

with its clean lines and minimalist form, cucu stands as a testament to the power of understated design. its compact size and thoughtful construction make it an excellent choice for spaces of various sizes. the contrast between the walnut tray and the metal frame accentuates the piece's visual appeal, making it a focal point in any room. cucu is an exquisite fusion of natural beauty and modern aesthetics, making it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any living space.

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