coquet, designed by g. & o. buratti, is an elegant and sophisticated side table that adds a touch of luxury to any living space. the table features a metal frame available in two stunning finishes: brushed bronzed steel or black nickel.

the beauty of coquet lies in its exquisite marble top, which comes in three alluring options: grey carnico, white calacatta gold, or black sahara noir. each marble selection brings its own unique character and charm to the table, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your interior design.

the metal frame with its brushed bronzed steel or black nickel finish provides a sleek and modern look, while the marble top adds a sense of timeless elegance. the contrast between the metal and the marble creates a visually striking piece of furniture that effortlessly captures attention.

the size of the coquet side table makes it versatile and suitable for various purposes. it can function as a convenient surface for placing drinks or decorative items next to a sofa or armchair, or it can be used as a standalone accent piece to add sophistication to an empty corner.

overall, coquet is a beautiful and well-crafted side table that combines high-quality materials and thoughtful design. its exquisite marble top, along with the refined metal frame, makes it a statement piece that adds a touch of luxury and refinement to any interior setting.

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