introducing copine, an elegant armchair that exudes sophistication and versatility. its metal frame, available in solid walnut with various stain options, or in black nickel or brushed bronzed brass finish, showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. the armchair is gracefully adorned with a cover in fabrics from the collection, offering a wide range of design possibilities.

with a removable fabric cover and a fixed leather cover option, copine provides both practicality and luxurious comfort. the ability to combine different fabrics for the outer and inner parts of the upholstered structure allows for a personalized touch, tailored to suit individual preferences and interior styles.

for those seeking additional functionality, copine is also available with a swivel metal base finished in grey pewter, adding a touch of dynamism to its already striking design. embrace the allure of copine's seamless blend of materials and finishes, and indulge in a seating experience that embraces both beauty and functionality in equal measure.

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