callisto, designed by c. ballabio, is an exquisite coffee table that exudes elegance and sophistication. the table features a base made of bronzoro matt lacquered closed-pore wood, which adds a touch of luxury to the design.

the uniqueness of callisto lies in its three marble tops of different sizes, which are the main focal point of the table. the combination of the wooden base with the beautiful marble tops creates a stunning contrast and visual appeal.

there are several options available when it comes to the choice of marbles for the tops. you can choose to combine different marbles for a more eclectic look, or opt for a single marble finish for a more cohesive and harmonious appearance. the available marble options are grey carnico, dover white, imperial rome, and lapponia green, each with its distinct beauty and characteristics.

the three marble tops provide ample surface area for serving drinks and displaying decor, making callisto both functional and stylish. the varying sizes of the tops add depth and dimension to the design, creating an interesting visual composition.

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