brenta embodies essential and rigorous design, embracing clear, pure geometries enhanced by striking contrasting materials. the metallic vertical elements, offered in the four exquisite metals of the collection, seamlessly merge with the doors, cleverly adorned with discreetly recessed handles. the piece's structure and hinge doors are available in a rich selection of woods and matte or gloss lacquers from the collection, allowing for endless customization possibilities. the ability to combine multiple finishes grants unmatched versatility.

for those seeking even more individuality, brenta offers an optional inlay at the top, where leathers, marbles from the collection, and metallic, matte, or gloss lacquers can be artfully integrated, adding a distinctive design element to this unique sideboard.

the juxtaposition of brenta's robust metal elements with the warmth of supple wood tones and luxurious lacquers creates a captivating visual interplay. the result is a statement piece that exudes sophistication and artistry, elevating any interior with its refined charm and bespoke character.

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