baby, designed by t. colzani, is a versatile and charming piece of furniture that can serve as a side table or a night table. its design combines the warmth of canaletta walnut with the elegance of a metal base, available in three different finishes: chrome plated, matt black, or brushed bronzed brass.

the main structure of baby is crafted from canaletta walnut, a beautiful and durable wood known for its rich and distinctive grain patterns. the natural tones of the walnut provide a sense of coziness and sophistication, making baby a perfect addition to any room.

the metal base of the table adds a touch of modernity and refinement to the overall design. the choice of chrome plated, matt black, or brushed bronzed brass allows you to customize the piece to suit your interior style and preferences.

baby is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. it features a convenient drawer that provides storage space for small items, making it a practical choice for use as a night table beside a bed or as a side table in a living room or lounge area.

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