the augusta modular sofa, designed by mauro lipparini, draws inspiration from the organic shape of the sicilian gulf that embraces a harbor and lends its name to the collection. with its longitudinal curvilinear and closed concave compositions, augusta exhibits a free naturalism and sculptural forms, while exuding a decisive modern character and iconic line.

crafted from molded cold-cast foam, the collection offers different modules that can be assembled in various configurations, providing versatility and adaptability to any space. whether placed in hospitality settings or residential living rooms, augusta exudes a spirit of "social welcome," creating a friendly environment that invites people to gather and connect.

with its unique design and visual appeal, the augusta collection promises a visual feast for those who appreciate artful and innovative furniture pieces. the harmonious curves and fluid shapes mirror the elegance of the sicilian gulf, bringing a touch of sophistication and contemporary style to any interior space.

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